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I super excited to be part of the Ft Myers Renaissance Faire for the next 2 weekends, Vagabond Gita in Tampa for the next 2 Mondays, AND the Bay Area Renaissance Festival starting in February :) (more info in the links below)

I'm also excited to be working on some new armor pieces, metal-smithing, and photo-shoot collaborations with friends. Hopefully I can keep this page more up to date with shenanigans :)

Also, for more random updates check me out on Facebook:…
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I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted any updates! After the renaissance faire I got into a funk with work and was seriously lacking inspiration. I *think* I'm out of it, so keep an eye out for new stuff on the horizon.

I will be traveling up to Maryland in August for SpartaCon where I'll have a vendor table set up :)

I will also have my Etsy shop stocked with plenty of costume pieces for Burning Man and Wasteland Weekend, and I will probably have some sort of clearance sale soon as well.…

Stay inspired, my friends! :)
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Happy new year everyone! I've decided to make room for all my new costume builds and sell some of my older pieces. So far I have my Steampunk Lara gear listed in my Etsy shop, and I should have some more pieces up once I get things organized.…

In other news, I will be vending at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival starting in mid-February, and hopefully cosplaying Lagertha on the Viking Invasion weekend (TBD)

For more updates you can check out my facebook pages here:…

Have an awesome day everyone!
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After travel and festivals and general life getting in the way I am finally getting my Etsy shop back up and making some progress on my current cosplays :)

I am having a 10% sale in my Etsy shop until the end of the year! Just enter the coupon code SCRAMBLE upon checkout to get the discount.

I am slowly but surely getting pieces of my Lagertha cosplay finished, as well as drafting patterns for Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones :D

For more updates on cosplay and leatherwork check out my Facebook pages here:…

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With D*C only about a month away I'm finally getting some work done! All my costumes are finished, but I have one huge commission (Flemeth from Dragon Age 2) and my husband's Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time.

I will have some updates posted here when I get some more interesting work done. Right now it's all pattern work and cutting materials :)

For more random updates check out my Facebook page
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So I recently passed the 1,000 mark on Facebook and I can't even believe it. As a thank you to everyone who supports and encourages me, I'm doing a giveaway on my page!!

Details can be found here:…

Thanks for being awesome and good luck! :)
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I am so excited for this event I can't believe I forgot to post about it until now. I will be at World of Beer in Land O'Lakes Florida this Saturday May 17th from 2-6pm for their Nordic Saturday event!

I'll have a vendor space set up, my good friends The Craic will be playing, and there will be a costume and beard contest.

More info on the event can be found here:…
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So, I'm going insane with how busy I am. My amazing friends have paid for my ticket to DragonCon, so I guess I'm going to that now :)

I will be at Free Comic Book Day at Coliseum of Comics at Fashion Square Mall in Orlando Florida on May 3rd, probably dressed as Iron Pepper Potts…

I will also be vending at John Levique Pirate Days in Madeirna Beach Florida on May 9-11

I have 2 events still waiting for approval, so I will post those as soon as I am able.

In other news, I'm also going with my dear husband to Europe in October and you best be believin' I'm bringing some cosplay with me for photos :D

I am currently booked for commissions for the rest of the year. I should be able to keep my Etsy shop stocked, but unfortunately I can't take on any new orders at this time.…

For more updates check out my Facebook pages!
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So I've been swamped with work on festival stuff and commissions (more on that in a few days. EXCITEMENT) so I haven't had a lot of time for cosplay. With Megacon only 2 weeks away I thought I'd get my butt in gear on my Dragon Tattoo costume :)

I only have the shirts and belt left to do, and frankly I could pull some random accessories from my closet and it would be pretty decent, but I should be able to finish those in time :)

If you see me wandering the halls of Megacon on Friday, stop by and say hi! I won't be hard to miss at 6'1" with my stompin' boots on :D

And for more cosplay updates, check out my Facebook page:
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I got contacted to be part of another RAW Artists Orlando showcase in February! :D I am so excited to be able to do another fashion show with my friends.

More info on the show can be found here:…

Pre-sale tickets may be purchased here (the price goes up $5 when purchased at the door) :

I will have about 7 models and I am uber excited for the looks I get to create for them :D

Also, renaissance festival time is coming around again! If you're in the Tampa, FL area come check it out and say Hi! More info on the ren-faire can be found here:

For more random updates check out my facebook pages:
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I am gearing up for the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in February, for which I am UBER excited :D I will be joining forces with my friend from Dark Archer Design (…) who does some awesome hard leather barbarian armor. More info on the festival can be found here:

I will be updating my Facebook page with more info on the festival as it draws nearer…

I haven't had a lot of time (or funds) for cosplay, but for random updates check out my facebook page here:…
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So I had a photoshoot with my friend :iconpinkjusticecosplay: for my Dark Brotherhood assassin in the most Skyrimy location we could find in Florida, a local nature trail :D I had TONS of fun running around exploring and be sneaky, and I'm so excited for the pictures that came of it.

I will be posting some pictures here, but you can see the rest of them at our facebook pages:

Pink Justice Cosplay!…

Meet Your End by PinkJusticeCosplay
So my 4th time at DragonCon was tons of fun, as usual :) Saturday morning was a little strange since I wasn't in costume, instead being a handler for my husband and friend who were marching in the parade. They both had clawed gauntlets and it was pretty hilarious watching them trying to do things so I helped them get ready and fixed their costumes if anything started to fall off.

My favorite part was getting to wear my shrouded assassin armor from Skyrim. I've been working on it for about a year and I was excited at how many people recognized it, and especially for the people who appreciated the work I put into the details.

I also thoroughly enjoyed watching my husband have fun cosplaying Fenris :D I didn't get the costume completed as detailed as I want, but the fangirls didn't care lol

I will be uploading pictures of or cosplays over the next couple days. I can't wait to start on or costumes for next year :D
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I'm not actually counting down, just getting more and more nervous as the minutes go by. Did I mention I have 2 full costumes and about a half a dozen upgrades on other cosplays I have to do? Also keeping my Etsy shop stocked and ready for Burning Man and Wasteland Weekend, so, more of the same really...

Anyway I'm working on some cool -one of a kind- pieces for Etsy, of which I'll have pictures soon. I also started working on my husband's Fenris (Dragon Age 2) so I should have some pictures of that up soon as well.

Stay groovy, friends!

For random and sometimes silly updates, check out my facebook pages:

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I don't think I fully recovered from the Tampa RenFaire. It seems like I have more work now than I did before. Weird.

Anyway I have a few events coming up that I'm super stoked about. First, the grand re-opening of Coliseum of Comics in Orlando where I will debut my Iron Pepper cosplay. EXCITEMENT.…

I am also vending at my first ever Pagan Festival next week for the Solstice. MORE EXCITEMENT.

In Etsy news, my shop is still looking a little barren since I've been busy with cosplay/new festival stuff and I am still booked for custom orders, so I apologize for any inconvenience.

Now, let's see if I can finish everything I'm supposed to... :)

Oh, and for more updates, check out my facebook pages:
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First, I want to say thank you for my first ever Daily Deviation!… and subsequent pageviews that put me over 30,000 O-o I still can't believe people like and click my photos so much.

Next, I have finally listed some new items in my Etsy shop, but I'm afraid I'm not taking any commissions at this time (other than the "made to order" stuff on Etsy)… keep an eye out for new stuff in the next week or so :)

I'm also working on a few new cosplays that I'm SUPER EXCITED ABOUT. Pictures coming soon :D
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With my Dark Brotherhood Assassin armor nearing completion, I'm starting to get cosplay ADD and thinking about all the other costumes I want to make. For some reason Peg Bundy from Married with Children popped into my head. I also want to update my Classic Lara Croft with leather holsters, maybe new shorts, and style a new wig for Lana Kane.

In other news, the closing date on my new house is April 30th, which means I will soon have a shiny new work-room, complete with a granite table for leatherwork and a garage full of power tools :D

Also, I am currently booked for commissions. Since some of my orders from the festival were delayed, I have to finish those before moving on to anything new. Sorry for any inconvenience!

I should have my Etsy shop up and running in the next couple weeks as well.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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As usual, the rennaissance festival has come and gone waaaaayyyyyy too fast. Oh well. I had such a great time and even made some new friends :)

This coming weekend is the last, so starting in mid-April I should have new listings on Etsy and some new progress on my cosplays. I will also be open for commisions again, so if you want to place an order let me know.

For more updates you can check out my facebook pages:

Sweet dreams my friends!
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So I went to set up my booth for the Bay Area Renaissance Festival and to my surprise and frustration, I had been kicked out of my spot from last year. Which I loved. After looking at the few open spaces still left on the grounds, I found one I liked. No, I think I may love it.

I am right next to the Gypsy Stage, left from the entrance past the Archery. And my space is like twice as big. But my tent is still tiny. So I will have a demo table set up, live models showing off my garments, and I may have a Kung Fu fight with my friend. That's how much space I have to fill.

See you all in the renaissance :)
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So my husband and I moved out of our apartment and we're living with a friend until our house is finished being built. I am SUPER EXCITEDOMGHOUSE, but all of my costumes are in storage :( I've been so busy with moving/Etsy/commissions/festival stuff I've had barely any time for cosplay. Luckily I have an order for Bloodrayne, so I'll just live vicariously through my customers for now :D

I did make some progress on my Skyrim assassin armor; I drafted the pattern for the hood, woohoo! That's all.

In other news, my friend Roland and I colaborated on an Artemis costume and had an EPIC photo shoot at a garden with models and a real photographer. It was so fancy. I know it will take a bit to edit the photos, so keep your eyes peeled for Artemis picture spam in the next couple weeks.

Farewell for now, I'm off to make some armor for my friend.
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